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Landing grants means more than just writing proposals—it’s voicing a need, telling a story, and nurturing potential partners.

AIMEE KOCH GRINDON / grant consultant

I’ve always found development to be the intersection of communication and creativity. With an undergraduate degree in American Studies from Amherst College and a Masters of Fine Arts in photography from Washington University in St. Louis, I am one of those ambidextrous types who likes using both sides of the brain.

With eight years of experience as a Director of Development for arts and education non-profits, I enjoy helping organizations secure funding for the vital community services they provide. Grant writing is a time-consuming—yet critical—process that must be complimented with good deadline management and thorough reporting to ensure success.

I take grant writing off the ever-growing fundraisers' to-do list and relieve the pressure of the blank page syndrome. Working with key staff or board members, I generate the words you need, answer the questions the funders ask, and put the pieces together.

Having relocated to Portland, Maine I’m glad to be able to continue working with my Richmond colleagues and those near and far to give nonprofits a voice through grant writing and communications support.

Need support telling your story? Let's talk.




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